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Exterior Visual and Slip Resistant System

Outdoor Applications for Slip Resistance
and Visual Cueing

When you're looking to increase slip resistance and add visual cues indoors or outdoors to ANY surface, including

  • Sidewalks 

  • Concrete Stairs

  • Metal Stairs

  • Wood Stairs

  • Ramps

  • Ladder Rungs

  • Vehicles

Floor Friction technicians will apply custom treads that will adhere to any surface and last up to 10x longer than tapes and paints.


Why Health and Safety Professionals Like It

This epoxy paste system can be used for line marking, or as full coverage.  Acts as tactile and visual safety cuing, providing extreme slip resistance

  • Fast Installation

  • 24-hour cure time recommended

  • Contains no solvents or VOCs

  • Available in Black, High Visibility Safety Yellow or Glow-in-the-Dark (inquire about custom colors)

  • Lasts years with minimal upkeep

  • Can be used for demarcation and as a stencil to provide safety signage

  • Bonds to surfaces permanently so never becomes a tripping hazard like peeling traction tape

  • Can be used on all building materials and walking/working surfaces

  • A retrofit to upgrade older surfaces that don’t meet codes

  • Resistant to chemicals and temperature making it idea for industrial application

  • Grit applications help meet ANSI and OSHA recommended levels of slip resistance

  • It prevents slips, trips and falls—the #1 reason for injury and death in the workplace

  • It helps with Fall Prevention—the #1 cited OSHA violation

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