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Commercial Walkway Safety

The health and safety of employees and customers has become paramount to business success. Now more than ever, organizations are focused on improving hazardous conditions, to reduce risks of accidents, injuries and lawsuits.

Slip and falls are the #1 reason for worker's comp claims, and the top cause of traumatic brain injuries. One slip and fall accident could cost your company tens of thousands, if not over $100,000 in legal fees, medical bills, and lost productivity.

Read about ANSI Standards put in place to help businesses ensure they're meeting minimum safety requirements. 

The proprietary treatments we use are in thousands of buildings across the country and throughout the world, helping companies decrease unexpected costs, and realize greater profit margins.

Reduce Your Risks Now.
Don't Wait to Get Sued!

Hotels and Senior Living

Slippery lobbies, bathroom showers and pool decks put you and your guests at great risk.

Office Buildings

Lower your risk of slip and fall accidents in the lobby on rainy and snowy days. Keep your staff, tenants and visitors safe.

Retail and Grocery

Keep both your staff and your patients safer on their feet.  

No more slick floors for rainy day shoppers.

Recreation and Entertainment Venues

Many major stadiums and parks have already protected themselves and their guests with our products.

Restaurants and Kitchens

Non slip shoes and sloppy floor mats are not the best solution. 


We also treat residential tubs, tiles, patios, driveways and more!

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