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ANSI Standards

The ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard for DCOF (Dynamic Coefficient of Friction) on wet surfaces is ANSI A137.1. This standard specifies that the DCOF of a tile surface must be at least 0.42 when wet, in order to be considered slip-resistant.

While compliance with ANSI A137.1 is not mandatory, many industry professionals and organizations in the United States choose to follow the standard in order to ensure that their products and installations meet minimum safety requirements and to avoid liability in slip and fall accidents. Additionally, some local building codes or regulations may incorporate the requirements of ANSI A137.1 or similar standards as part of their requirements for flooring materials. 


Finally, while compliance with specific standards such as ANSI A137.1 may not be mandatory under law, failure to meet these standards may result in legal liability if a slip and fall accident occurs. In such cases, the injured party may argue that the manufacturer, distributor, or installer of the flooring product did not meet reasonable safety standards and is therefore responsible for the accident.

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