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About Us

I'm Tracey Blackman and I founded Floor Friction in 2023 after my daughter fell three times in our small tile bathroom, and the third time she nearly hit her head on the sink.  What a scare!  To help make the floor and tub safer, we tried a 'non-slip' shower mat with the suction cups, and it actually made the floor even more dangerous. Then, I put down those bathtub stickers stickers for better traction, and before too long they lifted and got moldy and gross. 

That's when I had had enough, and I founded Connecticut based Floor Friction.  We treat residential and commercial floors and tubs to make them not slippery. It's magic through science, and can literally save lives. 

Today, Floor Friction is leading the charge in promoting floor safety and preventing slip-and-fall accidents. We work with commercial, government and residential customers throughout Connecticut and beyond.

As certified walkway safety auditors, our team specializes in assessing walkway safety and providing solutions to improve floor safety and slip resistance. 

Floor Friction's friendly and experienced technicians are trained, knowledgeable and passionate about safety. They are the backbone of our organization, and provide free consultations and excellent customer service.

We can also serve as a slip resistance and traction expert witness in lawsuits involving slip and fall accidents. 

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